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We make your life safe with simple cut answers to all locksmith related questions. If you are interested to solve problems and find practical solutions to common key and lock problems, read the answers below.

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Is there a need for me to setup a deadbolt for my home?

Deadbolts provide extra security to your home, according to our crew. A deadbolt uses a latching mechanism which is inserted around 2 inches to the door frame. As a result, opening the door without the use of a key is very difficult. Thus, it avoids entry through swiping a card.

How can I avoid a lockout?

A good way to do to avoid a lockout is by giving spare keys to a trusted person who is usually nearby. It could be a friend or a family member or a neighbor who is reliable. Also keep a spare key in your bag or your wallet. You could also hide an extra key outside your house although this one is very risky and may not be recommended for business locations.

Why do locks need repairs?

Locks and keys are both worn over time and that's why the experts of our locksmith service in Thousand Oaks suggest lock repair. Door locks are checked and repaired if they have problems. Don't forget to also maintain the doors including the sliding doors ensuring they are secure in the tracks and the rod secures the doors properly.

I got locked out of my house. What should I do?

First things first: Don't panic! Breathe deeply and try to keep cool, calm and collected. Our locksmith professionals can help you come out of this unpleasant situation. We are always here for assistance.

Can locksmiths help with locks for the garage and other outhouse buildings?

Yes we certainly can! Although different locks will be better suited to different types of door, our professionals are able to help secure any room including, garages, sheds and conservatories.

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